Domestic Single-Pass

Aquatix Domestic Single-Pass Systems are an alternative to recirculation systems when splash pads are in a controlled environment with limited usage. When using a city water system, water play activity selection should be elements with water conservation sprays to limit water consumption. Domestic water systems are a cost effective approach for a splash pad project when water usage are not a concern and water reclamation is designed in the form of a retention pond for re-absorption or irrigation

City Water System

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Domestic Water Systems are housed in either above ground enclosures or below ground vaults. Equipment systems consist of the following components

Control Panel

Control Panel

Drain Box

Drain to Waste Outlets

Activation Bollard

Distirbution Manifold

Water Distribution Manifold

Below Gorund Enclosure

Below Ground Enclosure

Equpiment Enclosure

Equipment Enclosure





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