Recirculation Systems

Aquatix’s Recirculation Systems allow for splash pad design to focus on creating enhanced water play in a safe environment without being dictated by water consumption concerns. Aquatix’s recirculation system provides this enhanced experience in a water quality treatment system that is safe and easy to operate.

Recirculation System

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Equipment operating systems are available in either above ground skid mounted systems or underground vault systems. Operating systems will provide complete filtration and chemical treatment of water to ensure safe water play. Operating systems are UL Listed and incorporate NSF listed equipment. Each Recirculation system is designed for project specific needs. All operating systems are provided with the following pre-plumbed, pre-wired components:

Filtration SkidFiltration Skid

Activation Bollard

Control Panel

Control Panel

Water ReservoirUnderground Water Reservoir

Drain to Waste Valve BoxDrain to Waste Valve Box

Feature Pump SkidFeature Pump Skid

Above Ground Skid Enclosure

Optional Above Ground Skid Enclosure

Underground Mechanical VaultOptional Underground Vault Enclosure

Chemical Treatment System

Chemical Treatment System

Distribution ManifoldDistribution Manifold

UV Disinfection

Ultra-Violet Disinfection

Drain Box

Collector Boxes



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