Product Options & Accessories


Working with Aquatix provides you with the design flexibility you need to meet your specific requirements. Add any number of options and accessories to create unique and age-appropriate aqua play, including lights, custom
colors, materials and water flow options.



  • Colorful Finishes
  • Multi-step epoxy finishing system prevents wear, and provides UV protection
  • Landscape Structures color palette
  • Custom color-matching lets you create a unique look

 Custom Signage

  • Graphic Panels
  • Facility Signage
  • Banners in net, plastic, or custom


  • Translucent acrylic plastic





Fabrication Materials

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Durable 304L (low carbon)

Horse Arch Bar


Reinforced, non-corrosive


Cost-effective, durable, machined brass/stainless steel



Water Flow Options



Water Conservation sprays limit consumption in drain-away systems.


Water Consumption


Meet budget and flow-to-water needs in both drain-away and reclamation systems.


Large Water


Make the most of your investment with a larger volume recirculation system similar to a water park.





Product Features

Flow Control valve

Interactive Flow Control Valve

Users adjust water flow to suit their play.

 Interchangeable Design

Interchangeable Design

Easily remove and interchange structures
to keep the splash pad looking fresh and new—and keep kids coming back. Install the plumbing for a larger splash pad and purchase structures later as funds become available.

Interchangeable Mounting Stand

Easily remove and interchange structures allowing versatility in project design without any exposed hardware.







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