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Two times the fun, The HydraHub2 combines the HydraHub1with another raised platform filled with interactive experiences. Both platforms are linked by a bridge and tunnel with water effects that kids must dodge or be doused. A play panel lets kids tip water-filled buckets to empty on friends below. A tube slide ends in a tunnel that is wet while the custom three-person wide slide features two arch bars that spray the landing pad. Kids will have a hard time staying dry on this structure.

Material Options: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 49'9" X 19'4"X 39'2" (15,2 m X 5,91 m X 11,94 m)

Splash Zone: 70'0" X 50'0" (21,33 m X 15,24 m)

Standard Flow Rate: 400 TO 500 GPM
1514.16 to 1892.71LPM



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