Key Considerations When Planning for a Splash Pad

A recent article in Athletic Business looks at the evolution of the splash pad over the last decade or two. As splash pads continue to change over time, it is important to work with a manufacturer that understands the current and future trends of the market.

Aquatic Recreation Company (ARC) continues to expand on our product offering while keeping our focus on innovation, product safety and maximizing the play values of our systems.

Jena Louisianna

Jena, LA Pool to Splash Pad Renovation

Jena Splash Pad

Jena, LA Pool to Splash Pad Renovation

When it comes time for your community to decide whether to renovate an older pool into a splash pad, or add water play adjacent to a current dry play area, choose your splash pad manufacturer carefully. Make certain their products are U.S. made, are safe and easy to maintain. Work with a company that understands your needs as well as the needs to the local health department. Make sure the design includes areas of play for children of different ages and meets all local codes in your area.

And on that all important grand opening of your new splash pad make sure the manufacturer will be around to provide you with great after-sale service and assistance.

Our whole staff at ARC wants you to know that we are the only U.S. manufacturer who offers a complete line of both fiberglass re-enforced plastic as well as stainless steel products. We have provided superior prefabricated mechanical systems (both flow through and recirculation) for over 15 years and we provide concepting, design developments, budgetary analysis and comprehensive design documents for your specific site location.

Choose Aquatix for your next splash pad project. You will be glad you did, now and after your project is finished! Contact us at 877-632-0503 or


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