Arch Jet Tunnel

The Arch Jet Tunnel is a ground spray element that emits twelve (12) clear arching streams of water crossing each other creating a tunnel formation. The feature flow rates can be adjusted to increase or decrease the spray height and projection. The Arch Jet Tunnel is designed for wet deck applications with no standing water. Users can work together to plug holes and create larger water flow through the unplugged holes.

Material Options: PVC

Dimensions: 5' 0" x 11' 0" x 4' 6" (1,52 m x 3,35 m x 1,40 m)

Splash Zone: 15' 0" x 9' 0" (4,57 m x 2,74 m)

Standard Flow Rate: 12 to 120 GPM
45.42 to 454.25 LPM

PSI: 3


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