Aquatix by Landscape Structures Brings Children of All Abilities Together for Aqua Play

New AquaGather Station encourages social and cooperative play for all

Eden Prairie, Minn. (Jan. 31, 2018) — Aquatix by Landscape Structures, an Eden Prairie, Minn.-based aqua play equipment designer, engineer and fabricator, has introduced the AquaGather Station. This interactive water table encourages kids of all ages and abilities to socialize while they discover the many possibilities of cause and effect.

Communities across the globe are adding spray parks and splash pads to their recreation offerings. That’s why it’s important for aqua playgrounds to be designed to welcome individuals of all ages and abilities. The AquaGather Station is just one way to make the water play experience fun and functional for all people—children with and without disabilities, parents and grandparents alike.

The AquaGather Station centers on a bubbler, which pushes water up to form a pool that kids control onto activity tables below. The following three tables deliver unique ways to manipulate the watery environment:

  • TopoFlow: Kids use diverters to block and unblock channels, charting the topographic water flow.
  • PuzzlePath: Splash-pad-goers redirect the water to move it through a maze of their own making.
  • SplashFlash: This inverted dome creates a pressurized flash-flood system

Water can be controlled from each corner of the AquaGather Station, giving kids complete power over the water flow—where it goes, even how fast or slow it flows. Plus, its hexagon shape makes room for kids of all abilities to engage in cooperative play.

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