Water Quality…Now There’s an App for that!

With current advances in technology, there are now several manufacturers of automated chemical controllers that offer real-time monitoring and control features via network-enabled PC’s, smartphones or tablets.app pic

Water quality is a top priority when it comes to any aquatic installation, whether it be a conventional pool or splash pad. Today’s automatic chemical controllers have the ability to go far beyond the sensing of PH, ORP and temperature. Manufacturers now have optional sensors for monitoring free chlorine, total chlorine, feed verification, flow rate, water level etc. With these systems, operators are allowed direct control of aquatic systems from any web browser or mobile application.

Faculty operators can now easily access and receive real- time detection of problems water droprelated to water quality, of course, the system must be equipped with the necessary sensors to provide the desired output to the operator interface. Alarm notification of system deficiencies can now be generated via an email or a text, alerting maintenance personnel of a problem with the system, 24/7.

Some systems allow for the identification of patterns or trends relating to water quality allowing maintenance personnel to make the necessary modifications or enhancements to the system to prevent or limit closures or downtime.

Modern controllers can generate electronic maintenance logs of system operation which can be important if there are any customer related illnesses or injuries. It is important to check with your local heath department and inquire what recording requirements are accepted in your municipality.

At ARC, we offer the most current state of the art chemical controllers on our mechanical systems. If you have a preference for a specific controller due to past experience with that unit, we are more than  happy to include that specific device on your system. By incorporating a controller that you are already familiar with and experienced with the operation and maintenance of, your chances of providing safe water quality for your patrols is greatly increased.

At Aquatix we do everything we can to provide reliable, easy to maintain operating systems, and fun, interactive products for your community. Good water quality is priceless when it comes to the operation of your facility. Ask one of our consultants how we can assist you with insuring good water quality for your facility.


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